Celebrating Differences

Date: 23rd Jan 2017 @ 12:00pm

This morning's assembly was about God sending the rainbow after the floods and how initially the colours didn't want to work together because each one saw themselves as being better than the others. 

Later on this morning, I was sat with a child just watching the fish and thinking about how the fish are all so very different and yet they manage to survive together in a tank without the need to assert dominance. I than started to think that we could all take lessons from the fish and from the colours of the rainbow, both of which work together to produce something beautiful and without the variety both the rainbow and the fish tank would be dull.

Our school and village may be on the small side, but when we look around properly, there is a multitude of differences between us all and these need to be embraced and celebrated as it is what makes our community special. There are times when we all struggle with acceptance and with the ability to respect the opinion of others, but in order for a community to work this is exactly what is needed.

Our children are taught to value each other and to live according to the teachings of Jesus - who understand the value of respect, particularly respect to those that rest of society chose to ignore. This can be really difficult for adults to do let alone children. However, I am very lucky to be able to witness on a daily basis the generosity of spirit that the children are able to show towards each other and to the adults in the school.

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