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At St. Thomas' we cater for children aged from four to eleven. We have an intake of 21 per year. Our children are divided into five, mixed aged classes which are all managed by experienced and professional staff. Along side the class teacher, each class is supported by teaching assistants working to support the children with their education.

The school day runs from 8.45am until 3.15pm. Registration closes at 8.55am. The total number of hours provided in a typical teaching week is 32.5.


Our classes:

Amethyst Class
Reception/Year 1 
Miss Wardle (Class Teacher)
Miss Thompson (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Santos (Learning Support Assistant) 

Mrs Heywood (Learning Support Assistant)

Miss Hilton (Learning support Assistant)

Ruby Calss 
Year 1/Year 2 
Mrs Stewardson (class teacher)
Mrs McAbe (Teaching Assistant)


Opal Class
Year 2/ Year 3
Miss Hobbs (Class Teacher and Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs McCabe (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Thewlis (Leaning Support Assistant)

Mrs O'Toole (Learnig Support Assistant)

Emerald Class
Year 4/Year 5 
Mr Northcott(Class Teacher)

Mrs Robinson (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs McCabe (Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ali (Learning Support Assistant)

Sapphire Class
year 5/year 6 
Miss Lockley (Class Teacher) 
Mrs McCabe (Teaching Assistant)

 Mrs Kousar (Learning Support Assistants)


Art and Design Technology Mrs Robinson 

Code (Reading catch-up) Mrs Robinson

Forest School Mrs O'Toole and Mrs McCabe

We also offer instrument tuition to all our children from year 2 upwards. Currently, children have the opportunity to learn to play violin,  ukulele, cello, keyboard, flute, clarinet, guitar, cornet and tenor horn. The children perform in a musical extravaganza at the end of the school year. Many children take part in the annual Rochdale Music Festival.

Children in Emerald and Sapphire classes have whole class instrument lessons which are led by music service staff.

We offer extra curricular activities to our children including: football, multi-skills, rugby, lacross, netball, athletics (summer), cricket (summer), rounders (summer), reading club and choir. 

Rochdale Lacross club and sports coaches form YourTrust deliver high quality sports based activities at lunchtimes.

Our children compete against other schools in a variety of competitions including: football, netball, athletics, basketball, water polo, cross country, swimming and sports hall games a. In the summers of 2017, 2019 and 2022 we won the inaugural Pennine Cluster Athletics Trophy for Sportsmanship - an award we are very proud of. 

At St. Thomas' we welcome many people to support us in delivering an exciting curriculum. Visitors to school have  included: the NSPCC, Kinetic Science Theatre Company, Imran Kotwal from the Muslim Learning Centre, Barnabas in Schools, Judaism with Jeremy,  the dentistry team, doctors and nurses from the Royal Oldham hospital, the Welsh Birds of Prey Centre, Greater Manchester Police Dogs, Dan from Living Streets and Rev. Janet Pitman, St. Thomas' vicar.

As a Church of England Primary School, faith is central to everything we do. Sapphire class lead worship in Church 5 times a year at Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, Easter and the Leaver's Service. Year 6 children attend the annual Diocesan Leaver's Service at Manchester Cathedral and year 4 children will be taking part in the annual Rochdale Anglican Federation Banner Service, in which the school banner is blessed. Although faith is important to us, you don't have to attend church to be a member of the St. Thomas' family.

Alongside our Christian values, we instill the British Values of tolerance, respect, individual liberty, the rule of law and democracy into our children. We do this through our work, discussions and through our worship. Emerald Class have linked with Marland Hill Community School this year to support our work on British Values. Marland Hill is a primary school in the centre of Rochdale. It is very different from our school  - it is bigger, not a faith school and many of the children are from an Asian background. This is an exciting project athat we have been involved in for many years. 


We are  very proud of the charity work we do. The school council has the unenviable task of deciding which charities we support. Recently we have raised money and items to support: the Rochdale Food Bank, the Booth Centre, Springhill Hospice,  Macmillan Cancer Care, the Children's Society, The Rotary Club shoebox appeal,  Mediquip 4 Kids alongside The Brain Tumour Research. We encourage our children to be courageuos advocates, standing up fpr what they believe to be right. 


In school we place a high importance on health and wellbeing. Many staff are trained to deliver theraputic interventions

We are a Trauma Aware School and an Autism friendly School.

In addition we also host a childcare facility which is open to children who are on roll at St. Thomas' called 'Tommy's'. Mrs Val Turner is the manager and can be contacted via the school email address.


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