Art Leader - Mrs Robinson

Art is a vital part of how children can express themselves and as such is a very important part of a child's education. At our school we know just how important this is. Children really enjoy their art lessons and look forward to projects covered.

It is important that children can develop their creativity whilst also improving their art skills.  We follow the National Curriculum programmes of study and also the Chris Quigley skills that ensure there is progression of skills using a range of media across the key phases. Children are also encouraged to evaluate their own art and that of others.

Learning about the lives and work of other artists, craft makers and designers is a great way to inspire children so that they can make links with their own art work. 

Children's art is valued at our school and is displayed on a regular basis in classrooms as you will see from our many photos. To raise the profile of the subject even more throughout school, we now also  have a designated art display along the main corridor of our school which different year groups contribute to throughout the year

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