School Tour

Class 1

All of our reception children join class 1. It is a mixed class of reception and year 1 children.



Commando Joe's

All of our children have fortnightly Command Joe's lessons. These lesson encourage children to develop leadership skills, teamwork, communication skills, resilience  and problem solving. The children have to complete missions. These missions match into the curriculum and often include science, geography and history skills and knowledge. Sometimes they do project work at home to support the area of learning. 

Images from around our school

At this time,we are unable to accept visitors into the school building. Here are some photographs of inside the school building.

Outside of the Curriculum

Even though we are a small school with only five classes, we like to offer our children as many experiences as we can. Here you will find images of the sorts of things we get upto beyond the national curriculum. We like to go on lots of school trips, however, Government restructions are stopping us from doing that at the moment.


Our faith is very important to us. We hold 5 services a year in St. Thomas' Church (Harvest, Rememberance, Christmas, Easter and the Leaver's Service). Rev. Janet makes regular visits to school speak to the children during whole school worship. This is on temprary hold until restrictions are lifted.

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