God's Shopping List

Date: 7th Oct 2016 @ 12:29pm

This week, I had the pleasure of taking Class 3's R.E. lesson. The lesson centered around the line 'Thy will done on Earth as it is in Heaven' from the Lord's Prayer. I started by talking about this half term's worship which has focused on God's wonderful Creation. We talked about the story of Jonah and the Whale - and Jonah's reaction to being asked to do God's will. The children then had to compile a shopping list for God. What does God want us to do? The children came up with some super discussion points around looking after the world and each other. Top of the list for many was kindness and sharing.

Sharing is what the whole school did today - we took our Harvest gifts to Church and after a beautiful service led by class 5, in which we were reminded to say thank you for the many basic things we are lucky enough to be able take for granted. The many gifts of food will be taken to the Booth Centre and to Rochdale Food Bank to be given to those who never take the basics for granted because they don't know the next time they will be able to have a hot meal or drink.

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