Happy New Year

Date: 5th Jan 2016 @ 11:19am

I hope that you all had a peaceful Christmas and were able to spend quality time with your families over the two week school holiday. It was nice to welcome back the children to a new school term and a brand new year.

Yesterday's assembly was about the New Year and making small changes to our lives in order to make them better. The children responded well and came up with many ideas including - 'spending more time with my dad', not loosing my temper as quick', 'being a better friend' and 'working a bit harder'. We also talked about not being able to see into the future and how we don't know what is round the corner. The best thing that we can do is to support our children to become kind, generous, forgiving, tolerant, resilient, inquisitive, trustworthy, collaborative, morally brave, imaginative and thoughtful. However, if we don't display these qualities ourselves how can we expect the children to?

But of course, with the news on Sunday about a new times tables test for all year 6 pupils from 2017 - teaching children how to be often gets lost within the quagmire that is testing. Without resilience though our children will not be able to keep going and be successful in whatever it is they choose to do - so from our school's perspective you can't teach one without the other.

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