Training and Singing

Date: 19th Nov 2015 @ 12:59pm

This week has been mainly centred around the Pastoral support, PSHE and Ofsted agenda. Last Thursday I attend a course which now means I am able to train parents in dealing with the issues we have from living in a digital world. This relates very clearly to other key areas that school is focusing on in terms of staff training which will then lead into the curriculum for the children. Staff are currently being trained to deal with issues that come under the umbrella of 'Prevent' which is around extremism and radicalisation - a scary topic, I know, but very relevant in today's society. On Monday I went on a training programme delivered by Stonewall which now means we are are a 'Stonewall School Champion' - this will help us to eliminate homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and educate children in an age appropriate and subtle way in dealing with these important and statutory issues. Miss Simpson and Mrs Brereton are helping to support with this work.

On a lighter note - the Christmas Concerts are coming along nicely - the whole of KS2 burst into song at lunchtime on Thursday when I put the music on from 'Alice in Wonderland' for them and I am regularly listening to class one sing beautifully through the wall.

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