Visitors and more Visitors!

Date: 14th Oct 2016 @ 2:34pm

The week was started in spectacular fashion with a performance from Kinetic Science Theater Company who thrilled the children with their comedic antics and tales revolving around the theme of habitats. This is the fourth year running the company have been to school and they never fail to deliver on quality - I am not quite sure how two people can do so much in an hour and take on so many characters!

Wednesday's visitor was more sobering - Mrs Elizabeth Birkett came to tell the children about the Rotary CLub's shoebox appeal. A scheme which sees children in central and Eastern Europe given small presents, sent to them by children of the United Kingdom. Mrs Birkett showed us photographs of the children she had delivered boxes to and the sheer delight on the faces of the children when they opened their gifts was evident for all to see.

The mood changed again on Thursday when we were visited by Rev. Ivan Ruiters our new Parish Vicar. It was a pleasure showing him around our school and introducing him to the staff and children. Thursday also saw a visit form the fire service.

These visitors were in addition to our weekly visitors of music teachers, supply teachers, local authority support officers and staff from various agencies who support our children in school as well as the Chair of Governors.

I would like to think that all of our visitors are made to feel welcome at our little school for the, all too often, short time that they are with us and get a sense of what we are trying to achieve for the children of St. Thomas'.


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