Autism Awareness Day

Lesson: PSHE and citizenship

We celebrated Autism Awareness and Acceptance Week in school this week.  It usually takes place during April. It is promoted by The National Autistic Society.  World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Week is observed every year to raise awareness of Autism and how it affects Autistic people. It’s not only about having awareness of Autism but also about accepting neurodiversity. It is also a time to celebrate the fact that we are all different. We all have different talents, skills and difficulties, which make us unique.It is important to always remember that it is OK to be different.


This is how we celebrated it:


  • Monday 27th March- A whole school assembly to find what Autism is.   
  • Each class did an activity to solve colour 
  • Wednesday 29th March - We had a whole school non-uniorm day because the theme was colour.  All the children wore bright colours
  • Thursday 30th March-  We shared our activities in a whole service assembly. 

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